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11th place at Imola 'almost Melbourne quality'

11th place at Imola ‘almost Melbourne quality’

( – After finishing in the top ten at the Formula 1 race in Melbourne thanks to a daring tire strategy, Williams’ Alexander Albon narrowly missed out on 11th place at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix at Imola last Sunday by degrees. But that didn’t dampen his spirits after the race.

Alexander Albon kept Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton at the back


“Honestly, I was very happy with that,” Albon says. “I felt as good about myself as I did in Melbourne.” “We made the most of our chances. We passed a few cars on the track that were at a good pace and then they were faster than us and we kept them behind.”

The weekend race started miserably for Albon. After failing to make a date in Friday’s qualifying due to brake issues, he had to start from last in the sprint, where he finished 18th, his starting position for Sunday’s race.

Williams relies on a bit of downforce at Imola

Williams once again demonstrated a clever tire strategy there, and while the track was drying up, he was one of the first drivers to get Albon into the pits to switch to spots on lap 17. Albon took a few positions with undercuts and then passed AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly on the track.

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The Frenchman and the Mercedes driver Then Lewis Hamilton found no way past Williams, who was fast on the straight. “We had a high-pressure strength configuration this weekend, which isn’t as much fun as the others, but it put us on top,” Albon says.

If the DRS was activated earlier when the track was dry, more would be possible, according to Albon. “There were six or seven laps where I was a lot faster than the cars in front of us. I knew with the level of downforce we could overtake those cars with DRS right away,” he says.

Albon: We do things differently

In the end, after a 5-second penalty against Esteban Ocon, Albon was just 4.685 seconds off 10th at the finish. But Albon was satisfied with his performance and that of his team: “We don’t have the fastest car, but we create our best chances.”

“It’s a shame we lost the points by one place, but it shows we take our chances and do things differently. We almost got them again,” said the Williams driver.