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100 extra boxers for Great Britain

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The British Prime Minister announced today that the British Armed Forces will receive 100 additional Boxer armored vehicles, bringing the total British boxing program to 623 vehicles.

The British Ministry of Defense announced that the vehicles would be manufactured in the UK and Germany. “England and Germany worked closely together on a boxing program for the British Army.

According to reports, boxing preparations for the British Armed Forces have already begun. The first 117 vehicles will be built on German assembly lines, while the UK plants in Delford and Stockport will produce the remaining 506 vehicles. RhineMetal’s BAE Systems Land (RBSL) British plant and KMW subsidiary WFEL will be the main production sites. The first systems are to be delivered to troops from 2023.

The UK rejoined the boxing program in 2018 and in 2019 the more than 500 boxers in four different categories – infantry carrier, specialist carrier, command post and ambulance – were valued at £ 2.8 billion (currently equivalent to around 36 3.36 billion).

100 extra boxers for Great Britain

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