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1. FC Köln plays with VfB Stuttgart in the USA

1. FC Köln plays with VfB Stuttgart in the USA

As part of a Test match, VfB Stuttgart and 1. FC Köln meet in Austin, Texas.


The basics in brief

  • VfB Stuttgart’s friendly rival in the US is 1. FC Köln.
  • The test match takes place as part of the Bundesliga’s internationalization strategy.

VfB Stuttgart travels to the USA during the World Cup break. Stutteg is using quarters of its spare time during the World Cup in Qatar to travel to the United States, where they will play against 1. FC Köln.

As the club announced on Wednesday, it will represent the Swabians abroad from November 14-21. The trip will be in line with the strategy of internationalizing the German Bundesliga.

A friendly match against 1. FC Köln has already been scheduled for November 19 in Austin, Texas.

Due to the ever-increasing interest in football, the United States is “one of the important target markets for our internationalization strategy”. So Rouven Kasper, Member of the VfB Board of Directors for Marketing and Sales. In addition, Texas is a particularly exciting state due to its proximity to Mexico and the passion associated with football.

VfB is looking forward to at least one first class friendly match. In addition, the trip provides many opportunities to present the club as a friendly international club in the USA.

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