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1. FC Kleve is back on the pitch

1. FC Kleve is back on the pitch

After a break of only three and a half weeks, the First Division football club is preparing for the new season that begins in early August. Sixteen players took part in Wednesday’s training session – including three guest players.

subordinate Oberliga 1. FC Kleve Training began again on Wednesday evening. Because the coach Umut Akpinar Still on vacation, head assistant coach Lars Van Rens Unit. There were 16 players, including four newcomers Therese Pritzer (VFL Ready), Nathaniel Scheffler (SV Sunsbeek), Vollaryn Williams (TV Jan Hesfeld) and Andre Barth (the last without a club). Many well-known players have also returned to the field, such as Fabio Forster and Danny Rankel. But with Nedzad Dragovic, Niklas Klein, Yale and Mike Terfluth, there are still a few players left out. She is expected to return in the next few days.

“We are very happy to be training together again. But the three-and-a-half-week break has done us a lot of good. “Due to the tense state of the staff, the last surge of the season has been very stressful,” says Lars van Rens, who initially focused on endurance exercises. But later, they also trained on the ball, and the final was also on the program.

“The mood in the team was immediately good. But we don’t want to overdo it in the first session either. First of all, we want to go back and find our way around. The first two weeks will be mainly about endurance and fitness,” says assistant coach Cleaver. 1. FC Kleve in recent years, so important matches were also filmed in the last minutes.

Logistical challenge due to diversion work

In addition, at the beginning of training in Bresserberg, it immediately became clear that it would be logistically difficult for the Premier League to play in the coming months. Finally, the fusion club reshapes the club, the sports bar. The first clearing and demolition will already take place in these weeks, and the area will become a construction site. The work should not be completed until 2023. “Of course you come across some things that are unusual for us and are not standard. But we will definitely find our way,” says Lars van Rens. The 43-year-old has been on the sidelines as an assistant coach at Fusion since the summer of 2017.

Of the 16 players on Wednesday, three were tested players who were able to show off their skills. The trio hope to secure a contract with club Oberliga, who finished seventh in the table last season. After all, 1. FC Kleve is still looking for a player who can play in the center of the defense or the defensive midfield. The commitment of the offensive wing is also not excluded. However, after the four transfers so far, red and blue no longer necessarily had to act. Team Scheme Hans Noe still keeps his eyes open.

The first pre-season test match will take place on the evening of Friday, July 15th. Then 1. FC Kleve meets the state league team in front of their home fans Toos Sprouse Linfort. It starts at 7.30pm at the Eroglu Arena. The following week, coach Umut Akpinar will take charge again as preparations for the new season begin.