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1-0 in Bern is enough - Zug wins the sixth match in the semi-final - Sport

1-0 in Bern is enough – Zug wins the sixth match in the semi-final – Sport

In fact, the qualifiers represent passion, fighting and incredible ice hockey. But the semi-finished first two-thirds between SC Bern and EV Zug in the sixth match of the quarter-final knockout series offered little or nothing.

Both teams were focused on not making mistakes, playing with caution and without risking. And that even though it was Bern’s last chance to extend the season. It’s about making the semi-finals perfect.

The deserved guidance of the guests

The match speed only increased when Zug’s Santteri Alatalo ran towards goal 3 minutes before the second whistle sounded, thus attracting the attention of the SCB defense. However, Jerome Bachofner on the right was forgotten, who was hinted at by Atalou in a perfect manner and had an easy match to score 1-0.

For EVZ, this was SCB goalkeeper Tomi Karhunen’s 20th score. Bernays scored 8 shots on target at this point. Accordingly, Zug’s leadership was well deserved at this time.

Bern shows a backlash and fails the position

The Zugers took this narrow lead to the final third, but Berners were allowed to play the second superiority match in the evening after 4 minutes due to too many players on the ice. But as in the power game in the first division, the home team acted very harmlessly because they were often looking for a pass rather than a conclusion. Only a short time later, Simon Sterchi did better, driving around the gate and locking it straight away. But the post stood in the way of parity.

This action gave SCB additional momentum to the final stage, as they were able to act with double the majority because Alatalo was sitting on the bench and Karhunen had given way to a field player. But Zug Genoni was stopped by all the attempts, who managed to keep his box clean for the second time in these qualifiers.

Now the Lakers are waiting

Qualifying winner Zug keeps his hopes of winning the second championship title in club history (1998’s first) by reaching the semi-finals. On the way there, central Switzerland meets the Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers in a top 5 semi-final series of series. The first match will take place on Sunday in Zug.

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