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0 win at home against FC Will

0 win at home against FC Will

Challenge League

An evening in the soul of Aarau: a 2-0 home win over Will is worth more than three points

After two games in a row in the championship with just one point, FCA beat Will 2-0 without discussion and climbed to the top of the table. On Friday there will be an important match against FC Winterthur at the Schutzenwesee.

Arao and dictation of the game? They weren’t friends in previous league matches. FCA had 67 and 70 percent of possession against Vaduz (1:3) and Yverdon (1:1) and scored just one point against Vaudois at the extreme. Scoring chances? Short supply!

So why not let the opponent dictate the game instead of constantly rolling into a massive defense? Perhaps that was what coach Stefan Keeler thought, at least his team was reluctant to hold the ball against Will in the starting stage. Lo and behold: After 25 minutes, Aarau is 2-0 up, although East Swiss have had the ball more than 60 percent at times, so they are visually superior. The tactical shift allows the home team to respond. It is known that the people of Aarau can do this.

4th minute: A superb pass from right-back Thiesson fires up Wiler’s defense – a cross from Almeida to left-back Jan Kronig ran with him, who kept his cool and scored his first goal in an FCA garment. MORE: Last season, the Swiss Under-21 international defended FC Will. In his 1-0 win, he must have had doubly special feelings.

Even after the FCA’s fastest goal of the season, it’s the guests who play, but Arao has chances to score. First, Liridon Ballage hit the ball in rugby style from the best position above the safety net, before compatriot Donat Rodani in the 25th minute. Better minute: Kosovar, who wears the captain’s armband in the absence of Yakl (suspended) and Gashi (at the beginning of the substitution), is cleared 20 meters in front of The goalie then does what he does best: the ball with his left hand sinks the golden foot into the gate. His shot falls neatly into the lower right corner of the net – a great goal.

When the teams return to the field after the halftime break, the most pressing question among the 2,836 spectators is: Did Arao – as is often the case – concede an early goal after the start of the second half? Answer: No! The host team survived the decisive stage and, for its part, had a chance to achieve 3-0 after 54 minutes. Spadanuda was killed in the penalty area, a clear penalty. But the advantage of the two goals still remains, because Marco Arator aims exactly from the point, but the shot is so weak, that Will Guali Keeler faces the personal highlight that evening.

The score remains 2-0, which means Aarau is playing for the second time in the league to zero, which must be just as important as the three points to feel that he has conceded 11 goals so far. Speaking of feelings: The victory in the first encounter with Wellern after the 7-0 infamy last April closes that wound somewhat.

And last but not least, FC Aarau can only mention that the evening didn’t go the way they wanted it to in Brügglifeld: Winterthur lost their away game in Vaduz 2-0, so Aarau is up to one point over the league leaders and travels with a wide chest to the head-to-head duel. Next Friday in Winterthur. Well stocked shooting range, lit atmosphere and fencing of the most popular league teams on the lawn – you can look forward to it.