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20.01.2022 – 09:15

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Munich (OTS)

Movement in the first third of the table because title seekers Mannheim loses in Straubing. Luca Tosto was upset by the first two weak thirds after 1:2: “It wasn’t good at all. You have to play 60 minutes of ice hockey and not just 20.” Second place went to Adler at the start, because Wolfsburg win a thrilling 5:3 match against the brave mini-team Bettgheim. Runners-up now. Leader Berlin shakes despite his 4:1 lead in Ingolstadt with a score of 4:3, the first victory after the last 3 defeats. “We put Ingolstadt back into play unnecessarily,” said Marcel Noebbels, annoyed by his 100th goal and 300th assist in Benny Del against Schanser.

Here are today’s top votes plus links – if you use them please name the source MagentaSport. Today we continue the Augsburg Panthers vs DEG game (from 7.15pm). The fastest conference with 5 games at the same time will follow on Friday – from 7 pm. Broadcast live on MagentaSport. Current program information is always available here:

Straubing Tigers – Adler Mannheim 2:1

After 3 straight wins, Adler Mannheim lost his match in Straubing and were relegated to third place by Wolfsburg. Luca Tosto was particularly upset with Sections 1 and 2: “We didn’t play well in the first two thirds. We took too many penalties and didn’t create enough chances to score. It wasn’t good at all. In the last third it was better, but it was not enough. You have to play good hockey for 60 minutes, not just 20 minutes. “

The Straubing Tigers beat the favorites from Mannheim after a very disciplined match and maintain their direct participation in the qualifiers. Match winner David Elsner on winning: “Our goal was to all stand back together and let in as little as possible, and we were able to do that very well.” His goal was scored by Sandro Schönberger, who could have scored himself: “Actually, I expected Sandro to hit the goal himself, but he took heart and thought:“ Come on, I’ll put another idiot in front of the goal.

Game link:

ERC Ingolstadt – Eisbären Berlin 3: 4

Thanks to the win in Ingolstadt, Eisbären Berlin were able to cement their lead in the table once again, although they lost the lead almost 4-1. Marcel Nobles scored his 100th and 300th point in DEL. In his first victory after 3 defeats he said: “We wanted to do better than we did in Mannheim. It’s always important for our game to be top. We did well today. However, I think we put Ingolstadt back into the game unnecessarily. We stopped playing…no longer necessary until we made it very exciting.” “.

ERC Ingolstadt is back in good shape after a 12-day break and the German champions from Berlin are close to losing points. Davis Koch on the strong performance despite the shortness of the bench: “We did well. It’s not easy to play with a few people. But whoever was there gave everything they had… Of course it always takes a little time to get back into it, but we worked hard and the help was better with the flow of the game “.

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Grizzlies Wolfsburg – Bitgame Steelers 5:3

The Grizzlies Wolfsburg won a thrilling duel against the still weak Pettigheimer and passed Mannheim again in second place. Tyler Godett with three packs: “We were out for a while and had to come first. This is where you usually play the worst matches. But we started well, then loosened up a bit, but then we were able to hold back.”

The Bittgheim Steelers lost for the third year in a row in a skeletal formation and fell to the bottom of the table. Michael Bitzer, DEL2 goalkeeper with Selber Wolves, celebrated his debut at PENNY DEL. Of Bitgimmer’s defeat he said: “I think we played well. We deserved a better finish and I wish I had saved more pucks.” He only discovered his commitment this morning: “The coach called me yesterday and said there was a chance to play today. This morning he told me to come and play today. It went very well, but I am happy to take him.”

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Thursday, 01/20/2020

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Friday, 21/1/2022

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