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01.12.2021 – 04:53


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Huawei’s OceanStor Pacific Storage (Huawei HPDA Lab) ranks second in the IO500 list, one of the world’s leading performance rankings for HPC storage systems.

Huawei OceanStor Pacific Storage is a next-generation smart storage that has found widespread commercial use worldwide thanks to its robust support for mixed workloads:

  • Combined with OceanFS, a parallel file system developed by Huawei, this distributed storage system uses a number of advanced technologies such as DHT directory partitioning, large I/O traversal, small I/O pooling as well as multi-detail disk space management and provides high ranges for large files and IOPS High for small files. This caters to the different needs of different mixed workloads.
  • Reliable Data Protection: OceanStor Pacific uses Erasure Coding (EC) technology, which implements N+M data protection, thus ensuring data reliability and availability at the enterprise level, while at the same time offering more available capacity and higher resource usage.

The IO500® is one of the world’s leading performance ratings for HPC storage systems. Recognized by many research institutions including universities, national laboratories and commercial companies. The IO500 list has been published in the most important HPC conferences (SC in the US and ISC in Germany) since November 2017. I/O performance has become an important indicator to measure the efficiency of supercomputer applications. Specifically, storage performance is measured using two key indicators: data bandwidth (GB/s) and read/write speed (IOPS). Storage systems are evaluated by simulating different I/O models, from light to heavy workloads. The number of points results from the geometric mean of the performance values ​​for all scenarios. Setting the benchmark to 10 nodes tests the performance of a storage system for a single client. The ten node list is a good frame of reference for users because it well reflects the size that a physical parallel program can achieve and better reflects the I/O performance that a storage system can provide in real world applications.

More information can be found at OceanStor Pacific storage location from Huawei

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